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Published Sep 13, 21
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I do this on every. single - grow my facebook group. interview I do and have had thousands (and thousands) of people join my group as a result of doing this. Believe me, it works. Still hungry for more? What about attempting out a good ol' Facebook Group Takeover Sounds quite rad? Here's how they work Chances are you belong to other Facebook groups related to your interests and obviously, business specific niche.

From there, you can begin to develop a relationship with that group owner and suggest trading Group Takeovers! Basically, you each produce an intro for the individual doing the takeover (so your group members aren't puzzled) and describe what the members can anticipate to get from this person's posts over the coming few days.

You can even cap all of it off with a live joint Q & A session for your members that not just rocks their world, but once again, positions your visitor as a go-to in their niche (grow my facebook group). Then you just simply duplicate the process in their group! Not just is it interesting, but it's highly important for your members.

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In truth, Mark Zuckerberg published a status a couple of months ago mentioning that for the first time in the network's history, Facebook had. Let that marinate for a 2nd. Facebook is a powerhouse that isn't going anywhere anytime soon it's time to re-invest back into the network. Group updates send out notices to members, Facebook pages and individual posts rely entirely on the Newsfeed algorithm for natural exposure.

On mobile too: Facebook provides users the option to silence these alerts. If your Group consistently includes worth, they will not. Groups have more organic "reach" than Pages, A while back I ran a test: My page had 660 likes; My Group had 660 members, I took a link from my blog and tagged it with 2 different CIDs in the URL Home builderI called tagged the very first URL as "Group Test" and the 2nd as "Page Test"I took both added URLs and posted "Group Test" to my Group and "Page Test" to my Page at the precise same time, Results: Group = 122 visits, Page = 8 sees, That's over 15 times the traffic! Owning a quality Group is a bargaining chip, Let's piggyback off the previous point for a 2nd.

In other words, what should your Group have to do with? Unless you're a brand, do not make it about you. Shopify has a variety of handy Groups geared towards consumer assistance, marketing, basic suggestions, etc. They have the ability to develop neighborhoods based upon their brand. For those of us who aren't brand names, we don't have that luxury.

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Rather, produce native content particularly for the group. Keep ALL the content and engagement within the Group, rather of attempting to drive them to your latest post. In reality, I went a complete month without publishing a link straight to my site. Things to try: Polls, Images, Native video uploads, Make it obvious you're there to assist them.

This is a huge bonus offer for Group members and incentive for more to join. Promote the Group on your site, You've got your Facebook Page on your website? Why not add (or change) this with a link to your Facebook Group? If your site does considerable traffic, this is a great method to grow your Group - grow my facebook group.

For instance, I composed a post about how to produce an SEO proposition. I also took the time to develop a free proposition design template for visitors to download for their own use. I hosted the proposal template within the "Files" section of the Group. To download it, they had to join the Group.

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I picked to use organic channels like, Development, Hackers, Warrior Online Forum, and a few others. This was by far the most reliable method I used, not just to acquire members, however quality ones. Try and focus your promo efforts in locations where your target users are investing their time.